About Cellini Signature

Created in 1999 by Mr. Ghazi Al Mannai, Cellini is the market leader for luxury clothing and accessories in Qatar. From the start, Mr Ghazi’s mission was to modernise the design of traditional thobes and create a shopping experience that was comfortable, enjoyable and memorable.

The Company


         CELLINI, the No.1 Bespoke tailoring brand for men’s traditional wear in Qatar, has now introduced “Cellini Signature” offering a range of high luxury footwear, ready-to-wear and exotic leather products.

The Quality & uniqueness of its products, mostly handpicked and made in Italy is a result of unmatched expertise and craftsmanship.

Cellini Signature is a celebration of old school hand crafting and quality, rarity, fabrics and leathers.

         It is a small step closer to preserve the endangered art of handcrafting which used to be passed on from generation to generation and today it is so fragile and endangered in a world where everything is “instant gratification”.


IN PURSUIT OF PERFECTIONFrom fabric so light that it floats across the skin, to perfectly shaped collars and buttons that gleam in the sun. Cellini is the first choice for discerning, forward-thinking Middle Eastern gentlemen.


Created in 1999 by Mr. Ghazi, Cellini is the market leader for luxury clothing and accessories in Qatar. From the start, Mr. Ghazi’s mission was to modernize the design of traditional thobesand create a shopping experience that was comfortable, enjoyable and memorable.

When the first Cellini store opened it was a revelation. The traditional thobehad been carefully crafted into a fashion statement that was both traditional and modern. A unique variety of widths, patterns, colors, fabrics and textures were now available. Cellini clothing offered classic design and everyday comfort, personally tailored by expert staff trained in the latest Italian techniques.

The small, traditional tailoring shop had been transformed into a light, bright, open space where shoppers could browse the latest designs

in comfort. Expert tailors were on hand to ensure a perfect fit and behind the scenes, garment machinery bought in from Europe ensured absolute precision in both quality and finish.

Word spread throughout Qatar and Cellini was soon established as a modern, reputable provider of luxury clothing, accessories and bespoke tailoring services. 

Today, Mr. Ghazi and the Cellini brand continue to go from strength to strength, sourcing the very best fabrics, designs and accessories from around the world and providing our customers with an unbeatable first-class service.

We’re dedicated to achieving perfection. For ourselves… And for you.


THE CELLINI PHILOSOPHYCellini’sphilosophy has been built on the unique personality of its creator Mr. Ghazi. Our passion and pursuit of perfection is a reflection of his drive and determination to create Qatar’s most prestigious tailoring brand.


Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of traditional thobedesign, travelling across the world to shake hands personally with a potential supplier or learning from the master tailors of Italy’s most respected fashion houses, we are dedicated to creating and sourcing products of unbeatable excellence and luxury.

Every step of the Cellini shopping experience is designed to be premium and pleasurable. Our clothing is displayed beautifully on hangars created in Italy by expert craftsmen, our shops are

air-conditioned, spacious and comfortable and you’ll be offered refreshments whilst browsing the latest fashions.

Tailors trained by Italian fashion experts will ensure that your new clothing is a perfect fit and your purchases will be enveloped in one of our specially designed bags for the journey home. From start to finish we’ll ensure that you receive the widest choice and the best service available.


BRINGING ITALIAN STYLE TO THE MIDDLE EASTFrom the showrooms of Europe’s finest fashion houses to exhibitions featuring the latest up-and-coming designers, our passionate researchers bring you the best fabrics, accessories, clothing and footwear from around the globe.

Our expert team visit designers, suppliers and trade shows as many as three or four times a year. Searching for new products, new techniques and the latest trends in clothing for a hot climate.

Our shoes are enveloped in the finest Italian leather, our thobescreated from luxury fabrics sourced from across Europe, with new

buttons, interlining and super strong thread as standard. Even our labels are designed and produced by Italian craftsmen.

And to ensure we always produce garments of the finest quality, Cellini thobesare created and tailored on specially sourced garment machinery from Europe.


Cellini works with many talented designers and manufacturers. By building close personal relationships with our suppliers we ensure that our clothing and accessories are created by the best craftsmen and women in the world, using the latest garment technology available.



Created by a family of master craftsman from Italy, Artiolishoes are the bar by which other footwear is judged. Featuring a century of passion and craftsmanship, Artiolishoes are showcased in the world’s most prestigious fashions stores.

Paolo Scafora

The Scaforafamily have created shoes of quality and luxury for generations. It’s shoes are totally hand-crafted by talented master artisans by use of precious leather working them into products of exceptional quality and unique finishing.



Featuring six generations of family heritage, LoroPianacreates timeless fashion for those wishing to dress with style and elegance. Its luxury collection of menswear is created by expert tailors with the greatest attention to detail.


Since 1878, Hettabretzhas created sophisticated jackets with unmistakable Italian style.  The company prides itself on being fully committed to the highest professional and traditional standards, whilst not overlooking the need for continued innovation and modernity.

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With the aim of producing trolley luggage with a refined, elegant and distinguishable design, TecknoMonstercombines technology, craftsmanship and practicality to create travel products of unbeatable excellence.


Established in 1966, Serapiancombines visionary thinking and timeless design to create luxury leather goods for discerning clientele. Every phase of design and production takes place in small Italian workshops to ensure only the best quality.


When it comes to luxury fashion, it’s the little things that matter. At Cellini we pride ourselves on sourcing the best fabrics and materials from passionate, experienced craftsmen.

Our attention to detail and bespoke tailoring service ensures that our thobesare not only stylish, but also exceptionally comfortable, cool and long-lasting.

We use thread from Germany to ensure stitching that is flexible and strong. Our range of luxury buttons are sourced from prestigious Italian designers.

Our alteration machines have been imported from Europe to guarantee the highest standard of tailoring is available to our clients.

Our professional tailors receive training from the finest fashion experts in Italy.

So if you’re seeking style that looks good and feels great to wear, make Cellini your first choice for high-end, luxury menswear.


Cellini Signature promises a shopping experience like no other. Traditional architecture and modern design meet in a perfect infusion of style, comfort and luxury.

In our new Cellini fashion store beautifully tailored thobessit alongside our latest collection of jackets, shoes and a new range of must-have accessories.

Reflecting our dedication and passion for improvement, customers will discover a handsome seating area, displays created by Italian craftsmen, air conditioning to ensure comfort and of course, the first class tailoring services they’ve come to expect from Cellini.

Complimentary refreshments are offered to our valued customers and expert tailors are on-hand to attend to any alterations that may be necessary.

Our second new store has been dedicated entirely to our modern, comfortable range of luxury footwear and has been designed by Italian retail architects specifically to enhance the sandal shopping experience. 

Featuring a wide range of our finest and most sophisticated sandals, customers are guaranteed to discover footwear that offers both comfort and quality.